The Flu Contagious Period: The Duration of Influenza and Prevention

December 26, 2011
flu contagious period

Knowing the flu contagious period can help keep you safe, and the CDC does make flu recommendations from week to week. Details on flu contagion and prevention.

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Influenza B Treatment: Natural Flu Treatments and Protecting Yourself

December 19, 2011
influenza b treatment

Medication is not a requirement when it comes to influenza B treatment. Natural treatment options, including herbs and home methods for relieving flu symptoms.

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Flu Remedies for Adults: Natural Remedies, Herbs, and Treatments

December 12, 2011
flu remedies for adults

Getting the flu is never fun, but there are some natural flu remedies for adults that can help ease the symptoms. Details on herbal and natural treatments.

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Viral Flu Symptoms: What to Expect when the Flu Virus Hits this Winter

December 5, 2011
viral flu symptoms

It’s important to recognize viral flu symptoms so that you know when it’s time to seek treatment. Details on the types of flu, their symptoms, and prevention.

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