Review of the Best Essential Oil Distiller: Make Esentail Oils at Home

Essentail Oil Distiller

With the cost of essential oils, more people are looking at getting essential oil distillers that they can use to make their own oils.  Getting high quality essential oils is something that has brought           quite a bit of enjoyment and health benefits to those who enjoy natural cures.  While essential oils may seem like a great idea, many people can’t afford it with the high cost of getting these concentrates.  By getting your own essential oil distiller, however, you can cheaply make your own essential oils in your own home.

Best Essential Oil Distillers: What to Get

While there may be a variety of benefits to making your own essential oils, purchasing an essential oil distiller may be frustrating.  Many people have no clue that there are even different types of essential oil distillers on the market, requiring people to make some tough choices on what they really want to do with their oils.  When getting a distiller, you need to decide:

  • What Type of Steam Essential Oil Distiller You want
  • What Material It is Made From
  • Size of Your Distiller
  • Purchasing or Making Your Distiller

Tips for Blending Essential Oils

When it comes to blending essential oils, many people forget that their essential oil distiller choices are very important in the process.  Many alembic distiller sets that are sold are made from either copper or stainless steel, something which can affect your oils.   While copper may be a more traditional choice, stainless steel is actually the preferred choice to get the best oils.  Also, while it may be tempting to make your own essential oil distiller, it is recommended that you purchase one to start.  Once you have gained some experience making essential oils, you may again want to consider making your own.

As well, always remember that to make an ounce of oil, you may need over 10 pounds of the material.  While this may seem like very little oil for the amount, remember that essential oils are heavily concentrated, allowing a few drops to get nearly any job done.  With these oils may be able to be used to make high quality essential oils, always remember this to make sure that you do not waste precious oils.

Guides on Blending of Essential Oils in an Essential Oil Distiller

To get started making your own essential oils, you may want to consider using one of the following guides:

These sites will be able to help you easily get through the process of making your own essential oils and picking the best steam essential oil distiller for your needs.  With the aid of a good essential oil distiller, you will be able to make essential oils and perfumes for all of your household needs.

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