Best Herbs for Asthma: Natural Cures for Childhood Asthma

herbs for asthma

Did you know that using herbs for asthma symptoms can be a great way to control your child’s asthma?   Using herbs to alleviate asthma in children has been used for centuries, allowing children to breathe easier.  Since not all herbs are medical grade herbs used for asthma, it is always important that you get your herbs and herbal recipes from a professional practitioner.  Since asthma in children can be a very serious condition, always make sure you talk to your doctor before using any medical herbs for asthma. Don’t worry though, most doctors are very understanding of using herbs for asthma, along with other respiratory disorders


Using herbs for Asthma & Other Breathing Problems

While we may not think of using herbs for asthma, it has been used for centuries to help children and adults alike with breathing disorders.  Being a common chronic ailment in children, herbs are a great way to deal with the symptoms of not only asthma, but other issues.  Herbs for asthma and other disorders have become even more popular over the last decades.  The most popular treatments include:

  • Herbs for Allergies
  • Herbs for COPD
  • Herbs for Emphysema
  • Herbs for Bronchitis
  • Herbs for Pneumonia
  • Herbs for Pneumonia

While these conditions may have a combination of different herbs, herbs for asthma and these disorders are very effective in helping childhood breathing disorders.  Since they can be used along with medication, ask your doctor which herbs are the best, along with a referral to a great practitioner.

Best herbs for Asthma in Children

Of course, some herbs for asthma in children are better than other when it comes to helping your child breathe easier.   The most well known medical herbs for asthma include:

  • Licorice Root
  • Dhat Oda
  • Gindelia
  • Chinese Skullcap
  • Turmeric

Depending on where you live, you may be able to find other herbs for Asthma as well.  Even though they can be a bit hard to give to your child, they will than you once they can breathe again, allowing them to play without worrying about their asthma.

Using Medical Herbs for Asthma: Managing Asthma

One of the major benefits of using medical herbs for asthma is that it not only helps with asthma symptoms, but can actually strengthen your child’s lungs.  Since there is no cure for asthma, it is best for children to know young what works and what doesn’t when it comes to their asthma.  As well, talk to your herbalist and doctor about the best way to administer the herbs to your child.  There are many well known tips that they can give you to help make it easier.  In not time, you will have a way to not only manage your child’s asthma, but help them breathe easier when attacks happen.

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