Review of the Best Spider Bites Home Remedy: Curing Spider Bites

spider bites home remedy

Are you looking for a spider bites home remedy?  No matter how careful all of us, we know that we are eventually going to be bitten by a spider.  Sharing the same world with them, it is not too surprising that they find their way into our house, making webs in places that we may or may not like them to be.  Luckily, most spiders that are in North America are not as deadly as the Brown Recluse spider or the black widow.   As long as you aren’t dealing with any of these spiders, these home remedies will great to help you deal with any spider bites.

Spider bites Home Remedies:  Dealing with Bites

When many of us think of home remedies, we think of boils home remedies.   While many home remedies can do things like this, we rarely think of looking for a mosquito bite home remedy or a flea bite home remedy.   Even though we don’t look for them, there are hundreds of remedies that can relieve the symptoms of these, as well as help deal with spider bites.

Before we go into any home remedies for spider bites, it is important to realize that none of these recipes should be used to substitute going to the hospital if you are bitten by a brown recluse or black widow.  A brown recluse spider bites can be deadly, so make sure to take this serious, especially if a child is bitten.  To learn more information about a brown recluse bite and the proper care, go to the brown recluse spider Wikipedia page.

Best Spider Remedy Bite Remedy

Once you have determined that you were not bitten by a brown recluse spider, it is time to start looking for a spider bites home remedy.  All spiders are poisonous, but most are not poisonous enough to be a real threat to humans.   Getting the poison out of your system will help make the bite heal faster and not be as painful or itchy.

The most well known spider bites home remedies are:

  • Cold Water and Ice to Reduce Swelling
  • Baking Soda and Water Paste
  • Olive Oil and Turmeric Treatment
  • Calamine Lotion

Spider Home Remedy: Proper Treatment

After you have picked your preferred treatment, make sure to use it at least three times a day.  This will help not only get the poison out, but reduce any swelling or pain.  Dealing with a spider bites is easy, especially if you have a spider home remedy that really is proven to work.  If you have any questions about home remedies, contact your doctor or your herbal practitioner.  They will be happy to give you other treatments for more severe spider bites.

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